17 October 2012

Blog sex : Pelajar Malaysia hadapi tindakan disiplin, kemungkinan tindakan undang-undang

One of the photos of Alvin and Vivian on the now defunct 'Sumptuous Erotica' blog.One of the photos of Alvin and Vivian on the now defunct 'Sumptuous Erotica' blog.SINGAPORE: The Malaysian student who posted sexually explicit photos and videos of himself and his girlfriend on his blog is now facing a disciplinary inquiry.
Asean scholarship holder Alvin Tan Jye Yee has been served notice to appear before a board that will take appropriate action against him, said a spokesman for the National University of Singapore (NUS).
He added that the 24-year-old law student is not receiving scholarship funds because he is on a leave of absence, and has been advised to take down the offensive posts.

The spokesman told The Straits Times the university has a rigorous selection process for scholarship recipients based on their academic achievements and personal accomplishments.
"This is not a reflection of all our scholars, most of whom are accomplished students making a meaningful contribution to the NUS community."

Meanwhile, there is also a possibility that Tan could be charged with posting obscene material on the Internet.

However, lawyers argued that whether the obscene postings have contravened Singapore laws or whether there is a case for prosecution is subjective, depending on where the visuals and postings were made.

Channel News Asia quoted Josephus Tan, senior associate at Patrick Tan LLC, who said: "The material question is where the offences were being committed and in this case it seems to be Malaysia. I think Malaysia actually shares an almost identical Penal Code to ours, so the person can actually be charged for a Penal Code offence back in Malaysia, or even under their so-called Malaysian Films Censorship Act."

Tan and his girlfriend, identified as Vivian Lee, 23, also a Malaysian, made headlines when news of their blog spread yesterday.

The couple claimed claimed that they only upload self-made content and invite any attractive couples in Malaysia and Singapore who are into swinging to contact them.

The blog is believed to have started on September 20, when the couple began posting photos of them engaged in sex.

They followed it up with a home-made sex video. In the video's explanation, the couple said the "humble self-production will serve as a small start to bigger things to come; we have always aspired to be adult film actors since puberty."

The couple even opened up the blog to questions from viewers, with candid responses.

One viewer had posted a question to the couple on Oct 15, asking them why they do such things.

The reply was that they believed those who are open-minded about sex shouldn't be branded as criminals.

"Because we believe that there's nothing inherently wrong with sex."

"We don’t see why people who are sexually-active and/or being open about their sex lives should be treated as sinners or criminals. Sex is a natural reproductive process that really doesn't deserve to have a stigma attached to it. Close-minded people need to get over it," went the response.

In a subsequent interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Tan admitted that they started the blog at the end of September this year as the photos kept on getting flagged on Facebook and had to be taken down. It has since gone viral.

He said he has "mixed feelings" about all the attention the blog has gotten, and was prepared to be expelled or have his scholarship taken away.

Tan said he would like to come back to Singapore to finish his studies if allowed. - MD

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