12 April 2014

NAKED woman rampages through McDonald’s outlet [Video inside]

NAKED woman rampages through McDonald’s outlet
Workers at a McDonald's branch in St. Petersburg, Florida have posted a video of a naked woman rampaging inside the fast-food restaurant.
They claimed the incident happened last March 24, 2014.
The more than 2-minute footage, which was uploaded on YouTube last April 8, 2014, has so far drawn 126,453 hits.
The woman was seen wrecking electronic cash registers at the counter, banging her head onto the counter and emptying the contents of a refrigerator and an oven.
The CCTV footage also showed the woman placing her head under an ice cream dispenser, gulping down the sweet frozen food and smearing her face.
Police have arrested the woman soon after her rampage.
Meanwhile, Britain's Daily Mirror reported: "Police allege Suarez (name of the nude woman) became angered after a restaurant worker turned down her offer of sexual favours in the car park at the branch in St Petersburg, Florida."
It added that "the workers who posted the video were later sacked as bosses claimed the footage was released "without authorisation." -Asiaone

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