31 May 2011

64 ahli cawangan DAP Melayu pertama di Puchong keluar parti sertai Umno ... betul ker ni??

64 Malay Members of DAP Puchong Quit Party to Rejoin Umno

by Dajmarizal Zolkipli

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 MAY, 2011: Umno Information Chief, Datuk Ahmad Maslan announced 64 Malay members of DAP Puchong today quit the party and rejoin umno. They are from Kampung Kinrara Puchong which was first to establish a Malay DAP branch in Selangor.

The Malay DAP Branch of Puchong was established in 9 September 2009, first of its kind in Selangor and its approval letter was signed by Teresa Kok, Member of the Selangor State Assembly for Kinrara.

The representatives of the DAP Malay branch met Umno information Chief, Datuk Ahmad Maslan to handed in 64 application forms to join Umno.

When commenting on the matter, the Deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department said that this is an indicator that the public is now starting to realize that only Umno/Barisan Nasional can help and change the fate of the Malays.

“It amazed me that there were Malays that join DAP, but what is more astonishing is the fact that these people came back to Umno since realizing that they cannot achieve anything with DAP”, he said.

Its Chairman, Haron Abdul Wahab when met said that they were frustrated with DAP leadership and decides to rejoin Umno.

“Even when we’re supporting them (DAP), we got nothing in return.”

The 58 years old also reveals that before he joined DAP with around 51 other Malay members, he was an Umno members but left the party after having some problems within the party.

“It is about time that we come back to Umno since Umno is the only party that can protect the Malays and this is the party that our ancestors used to support during their time.”

Talking about other DAP Malay branch, Haron said that right now there are not so many active branches operating.

“There is one in Ampang, but that one is hardly functioning," he said.

Haron also said that he expects another 100 DAP Malay members from Puchong will follow him to join Umno.

- mD

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