03 March 2013

TERKINI SEMPORNA [1.15 tghari] 5 anggota polis terbunuh di Semporna - IGP

Dua Polis Maut Diserang Hendap Di Semporna
KUALA LUMPUR: Dua anggota pasukan keselamatan terkorban dalam serang hendap di Kampung Seri Jaya Siminul, Semporna, Sabah petang Sabtu, kata Pesuruhjaya Polis Sabah Datuk Hamza Taib.
Beliau berkata dua anggota pasukan keselamatan itu yang sedang membuat serbuan di perkampungan atas air itu telah ditembak oleh sekumpulan orang yang tidak dikenali pada pukul 6.30 petang.
Beliau bagaimanapun tidak memberi maklumat terperinci mengenai identiti anggota keselamatan yang terbunuh itu semasa ditemubual secara langsung melalui panggilan telefon dengan stesen televisyen TV3 dalam program 'Malaysia Hari Ini' di sini pagi Ahad.
Hamza berkata pihaknya sedang menjalankan siasatan sama ada kumpulan penyerang yang kurang daripada 10 orang itu mempunyai kaitan dengan kumpulan penceroboh bersenjata di Lahad Datu yang mendakwa sebagai tentera Kesultanan Sulu dari Filipina.
Menyentuh mengenai kumpulan penceroboh itu, Hamza berkata mereka terhad di Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu dan telah dikepung oleh pasukan keselamatan negara.
Beliau juga menegaskan keselamatan di Lahad Datu dan di Sabah, adalah terkawal dan menasihati penduduk di negeri itu supaya tidak mendengar khabar angin dan mereka boleh menghubungi ketua polis daerah di negeri ini untuk mendapatkan pengesahan. BERNAMA

Police chief confirms attack related to Tanduo, two policemen killed and third in critical condition
By Alexander Chen
Hamza30Update: The death toll in the Semporna shootout between police and armed men, Saturday night has risen to two.
Both are policemen and one is at least a sub-inspector. Sabah police chief Hamzaz Taib is now confirming that the Kampung Simpunul shoot-out is related to the Tanduo stand-off.
A third policeman is still in critical condition and is warded at the Semporna general hospital.
More to come.
LAHAD DATU: At least one policeman is believed to have been shot dead, and another critically wounded, when a police raiding party was fired upon as they approached Kampung Simunul, Saturday evening in the hunt for a cache of firearms at one of the houses.
But Sabah police chief Datuk Hamzah Taib would only confirm that the two policemen were shot and injured during a shootout with unknown gunmen as they were on the boardwalk heading towards a house.
He denied that any police station had been attacked. This was in reaction to unconfirmed reports that the police station at Pulau Bum Bum came under a bomb attack.
When met at Felda Sahabat, Tungku, at about 10pm Saturday, Hamza said that a team of policeman had gone to the village in search of several people, following reports that they were in possession of firearms.
“The policemen entered the village and were heading towards the suspect’s house when they were fired upon and two of our men were injured,” was all Hamzah would say.
Apart from saying that police have now encircled the village in search of the attackers, he also said “we believe this incident is unrelated to the situation in Tanduo, Lahad Datu,”
Hamza was in Lahad Datu together with Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein and Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, when they immediately left for Tungku just about the same time unconfirmed reports of gunshots and explosions were heard in Semporna and Tawau.
They are now believed to be huddled up at the General Operations Force command centre at Felda Sabah Residence in Tungku, close to Tanduo in Sahabat 17 monitoring reports from all over.
Borneo Insider and other media covering the Tanduo fire-fight in Lahad Datu, were inundated with phone calls and smses with reports that people were hearing all sorts of things – including gunshots and explosions. - Borneo Insider
Initially, calls to friends and sources, confirmed that gunshots were heard, but no senior police official was willing to confirm.
Fear had gripped the east coast towns of Sabah of Semporna, Kunak, tawau, Lahad Datu and Sandakan as the social media network went wild stories of gunshots and explosions in Semporna and Tawau and that a group of gunmen had attacked security forces.
Even residents in Kota Kinabalu started calling up, claiming they had seen additional presence of marine boats hovering Pulau Gaya.
One sms from a Semporna contact read: Bos, “I ‘m still alive, don’t worry. But gunshot fire heard from Lorong 5, kg Simunul, one of the black area beside kg Panji and kg Bangau2. So far unconfirmed 3 casualties. Heard from fren its ops syabu”.
“Eyewitness account: a group of more than 10 men opened fire at police personnel patrolling kg seri Jaya. Any truth ka”.
Another later sms read: “Off all the light. Even car par. Pretend no one at home. ACT NOW”.
Other messages on Facebook and Twitter are being ignored by Borneo insider.
While the Borneo Insider are media professionals and would not act based on unconfirmed materials, sometimes we do have to take the initiative.
Tonight we were fortunate that Hamza agreed to confirm what had transpired, though he did not give the full account.
Otherwise, Sabahans and others would simply choose to believe in these rumours.
However, earlier in the evening Saturday, the Majlis Keselamatan Negara or National Security Council had issued a travel advisory urging the the tourism sector to advise their foreign guests not to travel to the east coast islands.
For some reason, some nut case decided to over-ride this decision and the advisory was rescinded

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