01 July 2011

BERSIH 2.0 : Bomoh mana yang KPN telah guna ....?


IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar has come out with this ludicrous statement, quote “based on our observation and analysis of the impending gathering, we believe that it would cause tension, chaos and destruction of property, injuries and maybe even loss of lives” unquote.

I am just wondering how the analysis was derived at, and what observation methods were used to conclude the statement that the IGP had made above. If the analysis were to come from the Special Branch of yesteryears, I would tend to believe it because they are experienced and capable officers, but I doubt it now. I know some of them, and they are truly a professional lot.

All along, I have not read nor heard any single statement made by the organizers’ of Bersih, nor from any one of the NGO’s and opposition party leaders that they are out to create chaos, destruction that can result in injuries and even loss of lives, as declared by the IGP. What I did hear are some stern warnings issued by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and supporters of the government, including UMNO Youth to expect trouble should the Bersih rally proceed. Wasn’t UMNO Youth involved in an attempt to burn the PKR office at Petaling Jaya? What wrong has the building done to UMNO Youth that the building deserves to be raised to the ground?

Tell me, was it not Ibrahim Ali who had said that he will not able to control his people if they turn violent at the rally? What violence is he talking about if the intended violence is to be instigated by the sordid and rowdy Perkasa members themselves? Did the IGP not know this, and why wasn’t Ibrahim Ali arrested and kept in solitary confinement at ‘Kamunting Resort’ for insinuating violence? Did the IGP hear anything from Bersih or its supporters to words that there are out to create trouble? Certainly, I have not heard of any, and I am neither deaf nor blind.

Bersih leaders has repeatedly said that the rally will be peaceful, and even PAS leaders has allowed the police to arrest any of its members if they are found to be trouble makers. So clearly, it is Perkasa, UMNO and its supporters that are inclined to create disorder, and not Bersih. How then did the IGP and the government come out with such negative and frightful analysis, which makes them appear that they are going to be the perpetrators of violence during the rally? We have had Bersih 1.0 prior to the GE 12 and did we see any dead bodies then? Who then created the fracas if it wasn’t because of the water cannons? And what was the outcome of Bersih 1.0? I do not need to tell you - mind NO EVIL


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bkn pertama kali PDRM brbohong.dlm kes SAUK,knon ny KMM nk ctuskn kkacauan kaum,tembak roket kearah TANDAS batu cave dn hlaman kilang carlsberg.lg konon ny KMM bwa masuk baja utk buat bom,bla tny mna baja tu,jwpn ny dh ada di filipina.sama jg dlm kes dakwat kekal,knon ny PDRM dpt mklumat akn ada pnipuan,bla dminta bukti,jwpn yg di beri,pdrm MASIH mnyiasat.jd kita pkir le sndri.


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