17 July 2014

Uncle Sim harap orang ramai maafkan Kiki #CDM25

Sim Siak Hong (pic), 68, appealed to the public to forgive Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin, 30.
"She has apologised to me and the incident is already over. I hope the public can forgive her as well and stop talking bad about her and criticising her online.

"After all, it was nothing serious. We can forgive those who have killed, why can't we forgive her over this small incident?" he said when met here on Thursday.

Sim said it was his Catholic faith that taught him to be forgiving and be merciful towards those who had wronged him.

"I am just worried that she may be charged in court. I saw a news report that said she can be fined and even jailed. It is quite a shocking punishment for such a small offence.

"When I was called in to give my statement, I asked the police to use their good authority to tell the Inspector-General of Police not to press charges but if it's beyond my control, I can only pray that she is not charged," he said.

On how he maintained his composure during the incident, Sim said his 40 years of service in a public hospital was a contributing factor.

"I was head of the emergency department at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan here and I have seen a lot of accidents. I have to be calm always, otherwise I would not have been able to help the patients," he said.

Sim said Siti Fairrah might not have been able to control herself that day and ended up losing her temper.

"I understand that young people can lose their temper very fast these days. My religion teaches me to be calm in situations like that. I also pray a lot and it helps to keep me calm," he said.

Sim said he was fined RM200 by the police for causing the accident but he would have rather used the money to compensate Siti Fairrah.

"I was willing to pay her but then she started hitting my car with my own steering lock. So we ended up lodging reports with the police.

"Now the police said she couldn't claim insurance as the damage to her car was less than RM200.

"She gained nothing by being aggressive," he said.

Sim said he might not repair his car as he would like to keep the dents as souvenirs from the incident.

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