17 February 2014

Kebakaran di Ukay Perdana menakutkan

Kebakaran di Ukay Perdana Ampang amat menakutkan. Api semakin marak sejak jam 9.30 malam tadi. Penduduk disekitar bimbang dengan kejadian ini 

KUALA LUMPUR: A bush fire at a four hectare land tonight caused momentary fear among owners of nearby homes.

The fire at Taman Sering Ukay, Ukay Perdana in Ampang  was sparked at 9.20pm.
Witnesses claimed that it was sparked by embers from fire  crackers.
The fire fueled by dry leaves and branches quickly spread  as strong winds fanned it, near a hilly area.
Local residents tried to extinguish the fire initially but were  unsuccessful.
The quick intervention by Fire and Rescue personnel  prevented the fire from spreading to larger areas.
Fire and Rescue Department teams with 20 personnel  from the Pandan, Ampang and Wangsa Maju fire stations  arrived at the scene at 9.51pm, half an hour after receiving  the distress call.
Firemen, with the help of local residents tackled the fire  from four different areas.
Fire and Rescue Department Operations Commander Ma zlan Salleh said the cause of the fire is yet to be as certained.
Bush fires is an usual occurrence during dry-spells, so we  can’t conform the cause of the fire yet,” he said.
By about 12.40am, the situation was brought under control

Kebakaran hutan di Jalan Ukay Perdana Ampang Selangor berjaya dikawal. Penghargaan kepada anggota bomba.[12.58 m/night]

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