26 June 2014

Saya meniduri ibu teman wanita saya

Dear Deidre
I had  sex with my girlfriend’s mum. I know it was wrong but I seem to have got myself into a mess I cannot get out of.
I am 20 and have been with my girlfriend, also 20, for two years.
I love her and I’ve always got on well with her mother, who is divorced and likes a drink and a chat.
She 39 and lonely. What I didn’t realise is that she is also obsessive and needy.
I was round at my girlfriend’s one evening waiting for her to arrive. The trains weren’t running well and she was delayed.
Her mum suggested we make the best of it and started pouring drinks until I was no longer in charge of myself.
Then her hand slid into my trousers and, before I knew it, we were having full sex on the sofa.
The next  thing I heard was my girlfriend’s key in the lock. We leapt apart and I managed to put my jeans back on before my girlfriend came into the room.
Her mother whispered, “Next time we’ll finish what we started”, and went into the kitchen.
My girlfriend was tired and fed up and noticed nothing.
Her mother is pestering me and constantly rings and texts.
I find it scary but how can I stop her without hurting her feelings?
DEIDRE SAYS: You will lose your girlfriend unless you get her mother to accept this fling is over.
Their relationship is clearly already damaged – what sort of mum makes a play for her daughter’s boyfriend?
Tell her you are sorry but you love your girlfriend and you can only be friends with her and no more. Then don’t reply to the texts or talk on the phone.
If you are lucky, that will be it. If not, explain to your girlfriend that it was about too much alcohol and you will be drinking much less in future. -Thesun.co.uk

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