16 July 2014

Apology on Facebook was done by hackers, says Kiki #CDM25

PETALING JAYA: The woman who allegedly spewed verbal abuseand repeatedly hammered an elderly man's vehicle after the latter accidentally hit her brand new Peugeot has alleged her Facebook page was hacked.
Speaking to Star Online, Siti Fairrah Ashykin or fondly known as Kiki alleged someone had hacked into her Facebook page called Kiki Kerja Kahwin and posted statuses of her allegedly apologising to the elderly man and Malaysians.
"I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday and haven't been posting anything on my company page since yesterday as well. Somebody hacked into my account," she said Wednesday.
Relating to the incident, Kiki said that she lost control of herself that day and didn't know why she reacted like that.
"I couldn't think at the time. It was spur of the moment. It was a huge mistake by me.
"After that incident, we went to the police station in Kuantan and settled things amicably. I calmed down and immediately said sorry to the uncle.
“Knowing my mistake, I apologised to him many times.
"I even met his wife and hugged her. The uncle accepted my apology and told me not to do that anymore," said the 30-year-old.
The incident, which happened on Monday afternoon, saw fierce online onslaught and she became a victim of widespread cyber bullying.
"Once the video went viral on Tuesday, I opted to remain silent at first. But since #CDM25 trended on Twitter and people started to curse at me, I can't keep quiet. I made a mistake; whatever abuse is being hurled at me...I accept it because I made a terrible mistake," she said.
Police have told that they will be investigating the matter as it is classified as road bullying incident, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.
"Since the police has said that, I will accept it. If there are any queries from the police, I will cooperate with them.
"I just want to say sorry to all Malaysians for my actions.
The elderly man, affectionately nicknamed “uncle” by Netizens, will not be pressing charges.
According to his son Robin Sim, although traumatised, the man has decided to forgive the woman.
Telecommunications company Digi has offered to pay for all damages incurred by the elderly man and the enraged woman in the “Kuantan road bully incident.”
The offer which was posted on their Facebook page has been shared 850 times and received more than 1,530 likes in the first three hours.
“Things might have gotten out of hand but we saw a really patient uncle who showed us the value of empathy.
“Uncle, if you’re reading this, please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to pay for the repairs of your car.
“To the one who was upset, we know it was a tough situation but if you could find it in your heart to forgive, we’ll fix yours too,” said the post.
A video of the incident, which occurred in Kuantan, was uploaded onto YouTube and instantly went viral.
In the footage taken by a passing motorist, the screaming assailant called the elderly man “very stupid” and hurled racist remarks at him. She also demanded that he pay RM2,000 in compensation.
She repeatedly hammered the man’s vehicle with a steering lock.
The man remained calm despite the woman’s outburst and offered to pay for the damage.
Netizens incensed at the unnecessarily violent tantrum and rude behaviour, exposed the woman’s identity, contact details and Facebook account, including information of the bridal company where she works

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